I lose my estimate token when login to zebpay

I have 3.561 estimate reward on 31/10/2023
And i open brave on 1/11/2023 today my account was log out
It was saying log in but there was still 3.561 reward was thre when i was log in my reward was 0.010
How this was possible
I worked so hard for 1 mounth and all reward was gine
Plz help

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Do not worry. It will be credited to you by Nov 8th. The BATs that you had are under process for the payout. You can check the status of the payout on the Home Page of Brave Community.

Butit was show now only0.100 -0.126
What it mean can i recive 3.560 or 0.100
On 8 th november ?

Same happened with me also

you will recieve 3.56 . this happens every month on 1st

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Than you very much for reply
Thank you

Hey bro i know your from india to apne kese 7-8 bat coin wo bhi 1 month me earn kiye plz reply

You will get the previous estimation. 3.56 BATs

You need to check out brave news. As you read the read through the news, you get a few ads as well.

Thank you for all your reply
Thank you

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Thanks everyone for trying to help a fellow brave user.
@Khushal_01 you might wanna check out this topic. I’ve included information about Zebpay payouts ans also about some fees which you might not be aware of.

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