I just shut off the ads

I finally got tired of the ads that take over the browser and don’t allow using the “Back” arrow to go back to where I was.

So I shut off the ads.

Let me know when you get this fixed.

Thank you for reaching out.
Apologies but I’m not entirely sure what it is that you’re referring to. How exactly do ads prevent you from using the “back arrow”?

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Most ads either open in a new window, or, if they take over the window you were using, allow you to return to what you were doing via the back-arrow.

But some ads take control of the browser, and the only way to get back to whatever you were previously doing is to re-start.

Can you please tell me exactly which ads exhibit the behavior you’re describing?

Sorry - I didn’t record them, and, since I have the ads turned off, I don’t see them any more.


You can go to your 7-day ads history and view previously served ads. Can you please enable ads (temporarily, just until we get this info), then click the 7-day ads history option at the bottom of the section and see if you can identify the ad you’re describing?

Where is the ad history?

Please see my response above. You will have to re-enable ads for a moment to see the menu. In Brave, click Main menu --> Brave Rewards --> Ads and then click on the 7-day ad history link, denoted in the image I sent previously.

Here’s one -

A bit more information -

The ad link appeared at the bottom right of my screen. I clicked it, and the ad site came up in the same window that I had been using for Gmail. But I could not click the “Back” arrow to go back to Gmail - I had to re-start Gmail from my menu bar.

But, after I sent the link info to you, I tried putting it into the Brave address/search window, and the ad site came up in a separate window - no problem with that.

So something is wrong with the function that brings up the ad site from clicking on the ad in the lower right corner.

Hope this helps.


Has this happened for any other ad that you’ve seen or only the one time? I don’t see any known issues we have surrounding clicking on ads notifications (at least not any that match what you’re describing).