I just posted Words with Friends wont load and then it disappeared (?)


I went to the WWF URL, the page loaded, but the game wont load. It just says “loading your moves” and the thing keeps spinning but nothing happens. I’m not a techie, don’t have any idea about any of this stuff. Any ideas that I might understand?

Words with Friends will not load

When you land on the page, try clicking/pressing on the orange lion icon in the top right corner of your screen, and then disabling your Brave Shields for WWF. It is likely that the app is trying to call out to some external source that’s being blocked by your Brave Shields.

Can you also share (1) the URL, (2) what platform you’re on (iOS, Android, Mac, etc.?). Also make sure you have the latest version of Brave running (e.g., update your app on your mobile phone if there’s an update available). That might help us reproduce the issue. Thanks :slight_smile:


thanks for the quick reply. I did what you suggested and it worked!!. But
then, within minutes, another page popped up, the one that purports to be
from Microsoft and says I need to call this number of they will shut down my
computer (or some such nonsense). I shut it down immediately, forgot to
take a screen shot. Just thought I’d let you know. I’m not sure that it
had anything to do with Brave but the timing was a little suspicious,
coupled with the fact that I havent seen one of those things in q very long
time. Thought you should know


Woohoo! As for what you encountered, when the shields are down, that means ads (which are sometimes scammy, like the one you reported) can get through. What you can do, though, is try to turn down only select parts of the shields. Right now we’ve just been turning off the shields entirely, but notice that when you click into shields, there are a bunch of different sub-options. Try turning off one option at a time to see which option in particular causes the site to break. Hopefully you can keep as many options on as possible!

It’s interesting to see how malicious and persistent the popups are these days. As Brave users, we’re normally shielded from this so we forget how dangerous the world can be!

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