I just lost everything

I also had the same problem lost 33 bats. I tried using the seed and it doesn’t work anymore. This keeps going I’m losing confidence in this project.

My country is not even on uphold! There is no other option.

Hello @halabadaddy

check this :point_down:


Can you elaborate a bit more about this behavior? A screenshot or short recording would be super helpful, if possible.

So, when I click the Brave icon pinned to my taskbar:

It opens up a new icon on the taskbar but with my profile logo pinned to it

Before I had this profile creation nonsense, it would open up like any other program would, the same icon without adding something new to the taskbar

go to brave://settings/appearance and make sure Hide Brave Rewards button is disabled

if it did not work please create your own post so it does not confuse other people

as your issue not related to this one

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That’s happening because there are more than one profile, deleting the extra profiles should solve this

On first glace than works but whenever I close and reopen it it just creates a new profile and the same thing happens again

@tomosborn01 check this thread, maybe it could help you