I just claimed my Grant and no reward was added to my brave browser 😭

Please keep calm all. Payouts are still processing.


Hi @steeven I just have a question! I just connected brave Android wallet with uphold and still don’t receive the bat in uphold, should I wait or some time? or does this count as an error?

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Same to me image

@steeven just my humble analysis i think it’s issue in the balance server

Same here, it appears on my wallet for 10 seconds and then its gone.

I’ve sent it sir please do something

All details provided

I still haven’t received the payout from last month. From the brave://rewards/ page it says I have received the last 2 months, but when I sign into uphold there’s nothing and there’s been no activity for 3 months.

@steeven seen the dm ?

What’s this about? Our BAT’s gone?

I hope not but we should chill a bit

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from your screen shoot it say that your payment is still pending
it will take time till everyone get his/her payment so be patient and have a nice day

Pending from last month … I’ve been patient for 30 days, at what point do you recommend impatience? Have a fantastic day yourself

i thought you mean by last month this one

sorry for my miss understanding and thanks

I just recieved my first BAT payment but, when i clicked in “withraw funds” the Uphold page says that my BAT is zero, and the brave rewards page now shows no BAT to withdraw. Where is my BAT?

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You’re right, but I’m worried 'cause nothing like this has happened before.

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something similar happens but in the brave android. What platform do you have the problem on?.
I see the bat in the browser wallet and connect to my account for the first time and the bat is not sent to keep.

@Nelsy1 - I don’t see a DM. Will message you.

Payouts are still processing. Please see MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support for the latest updates. Thank you for your patience. The best way to resolve your issue is to send me a DM by EOD tomorrow if you have still not received your payment. Thanks in advance!

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