I install new windows and i lost 4 profiles with 10 BAT-s on everyone

Windows update ruin my PC from 30.08.2022 to septem 19 2022.I cant believe i lost my work and brave rewards,I put in so much effort and now because of windows i must again work 14 h to make up for lost.Friendly advice, keep a close eye on windows updates,it is better to stop for a while and choose update later

Simple Windows update won’t cause you to lose anything. It only happens if you do a fresh installation. I mean, I just updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and had no issues.

It started with the services, some of them were even duplicated. As windows was updated second time, there were errors with the drivers, which I could not solve at all. The drivers simply stop after the update.After that my SATA hard drive
It’s not SATA anymore and because the Bios was updated, I don’t know how,it asked me to enter the bios and change something about the hard drive. I entered the bios and it changed a little less than the one I had.The last one was the constant restarting and shutting down of the computer because the driver stopped working 5 minutes after installation. The graphic was overheating because it did not function as it should. And I read several articles that there were errors in the update, and they even confirmed it to me from the support I contacted 4 times and every time it was saying now everything will work as it should.I immediately play a video on you tube and watch how both the GPU and the CPU raise the temperature, which is not normal. Every time I entered the task manager, I followed the services, they just piled up day by day.

Wow, sounds like a nightmare. And yeah, if you’re not able to link to Gemini or Uphold, then it’s important to do backups of the \brave-browser folder on Desktop. Doing so will do a backup of the BAT stored in your browser as well. Sadly, there’s no easy or official way of doing the same thing with mobile devices.

If had been able to link to Gemini/Uphold, your balance would still be there as it’s not stored on device.

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