I hear that if the BAT token reward are non-using for 60 day it will be return to Brave Browser ? Then how it be a rewarded ? Need atleast 15 BAT to verify but 1 month just get 3-4 BAT maximum?

Please i need the anwser for this question

I don’t think that is true


I see that much people complain about their BAT is vanish
Hope the admin anwser this question

Bat doesn’t vanish anywhere, it’s just that after every month, the previous earned bat is cleared in the counter and next month’s earning is accumulated

I think rewards do get reduced. See this:

Screenshot 2021-07-03 214105

I had 0.48 BAT last month for 55 ads and we haven’t received payouts yet. My current earning this month is 0.097 BAT for 13 ads (Rewards panel below). And I will get 0.23 BAT for last month (Should be 0.48 BAT). And I did see BAT reduced in the end of last month.

Screenshot 2021-07-03 214201

This is from Brave Nightly, which I don’t use very often (only ads no surfing). May be this could be a reason.
Edit: Just when I posted.

Screenshot 2021-07-03 220550

There can’t be any better proof.

Not true that it will be returned to Brave. I have BAT in my account that I started accumulating in September of last year. You can leave it in your Brave Rewards account for as long as you like, or you can verify an Uphold wallet (and soon, a Gemini wallet) to move your BAT to. You need 15 BAT on an Android device in order to verify your Uphold wallet, but on a desktop there is no minimum anymore.

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Yes. I think OP read something like that about Creators Tips. Where BAT tips are returned to original wallet after 90 days, if creator has not verified with Brave. https://brave.com/faq/#unclaimed-funds

However, with Update v1.25.x minimum 15 BAT requirement is for Desktop browser as well. See this-


I think you have misunderstood it. I think if you DONT claim your earned bats when they are ready to be claimed within some period then they will vanish.

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A day before payout, rewards are back to normal.

Screenshot 2021-07-07 173622

Brave must have been picky with the word “estimated” as it is just that ‘an estimate’. There can be error.

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You can’t claim unless you have 15 BAT to verify the wallet

@Taichi365 That’s not true. You can claim them every month when they are paid out.


No wrong. Of course you can claim pending rewards, its not the same as verify wallet at uphold which has nothing to do with the earned bats you have stored in brave browser.

I don’t see that message at all, how odd?

So where are these BAT held, I might start making notes on paper or screenshots each month? I have not received anything, anywhere, even after clicking claim?

Will try tomorrow, not seeing anything about claim yet on the phone

That message is from the Brave Beta. That feature will be included in the next update.

If you have a Brave Rewards account that is linked to Uphold, you won’t see the claim message because the BAT transfer is (supposed to be) automatic.

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Yes, so I have disconnected as I am over the limit, and the BAT was not going through. So instead it should just stay in the brave wallet, is that my understanding, or am I wrong? Thanks for any advice

Ok. Yes, if you have a Brave Rewards wallet that is not connected to Uphold, the BAT will stay in your Brave Rewards wallet, but you do have to claim it (when it’s available–July payouts are delayed due to the U.S./Canada holidays).

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Thanks, will keep an eye on that. And I understand about the delay due to the holidays. I currently only have my android phone linked to uphold wallet, so will see how it goes and post back.

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@Urbie Do post an update if you get a claim button tomorrow and rewards stay in your browser wallet. I’m just interested to know.

And those images are from Brave Nightly.