I haven't received my rewards payment for September

Kindly help me i haven’t received my rewards for Sept

My email id linked with account is [email protected]

Thanks @pubgkidie - was there a point in the last couple of weeks that your wallet was disconnected?

@steeven, any news on my account? please

@steeven this is happening a lot. I messaged you in july about the same issue and you never got back to me. Im recieving short the last three months in a row. I recieve maybe 10 Bat then the balance disappears and my new balance starts.

nope nothing like that

My account has also not paid my earnings for 3 months. You promised us publishers from Russia to withdraw in September and as a result a large number of complaints that there was no withdrawal. It would be better to just say that you are not going to pay. So I waited 3 months for these funds in vain? And Yes, I already sent the DM my email address, you still haven’t responded

loosing hopes @steeven

Hi @pubgkidie - I’ve filed an issue with the dev team to review your account. Thanks for your patience.