I haven't received my pAyout... It is showing in progress

I think today is a payment day but I am still not receiving mine

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I didn’t get any payment too

I didn’t get the payment

Please note that the time used by brave is UTC-7, so users exercise patience

This mean is " time is 09:00 AM" now for UTC-7 ?

Me also nothing received

Hello, take into account that today is the day in which all payments are processed, however that does not mean that payments will be received in the first hour.
They usually reach almost the end of today. Or failing in the first hour of tomorrow.

Well… I will wait… For that time…

same here, still haven’t received

Typically, payments show up on day 9 early morning. Chill out people! Bats are coming!!!

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9 early morning of which Time? Pacific or GMT?

Please just be patient till 10th of this month. Please. Let’s not flood the community with not yet verified issues. If you don’t receive payment on or before 10th then contact @asad.

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generarly the payement arrive the 9 of each days in early morning …be patient

Hello ! Mr/Mrs ! No one Flood if they got correct answer ! You guys were lacks on fixing users Issues !

Mr.M he/she is also a member just like us. He is not a moderator or an employee of Brave. So expect that they don’t have anything in their hand except clearing your doubts by writing.

Its already 1:31 of 9th may in their region , and my payout still in progress

wait for everything to come

It is may 9th still I did not get my BAT into my uphold account

Hi y’all!

Payouts happen in an orderly fashion so we don’t burn Uphold’s servers to a crisp, and there are a LOT of you.

It’s in process and you should see it complete today. Referral versus contribution payouts are separate processes as well.

Please hang tight until tomorrow.


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