I haven't received my March rewards yet!

edit: ‘‘problem solved. thanks brave’’

I’ve been writing for 2 weeks. but no one cares. The 7 BAT I earned in March were not sent to my wallet. I am a verified uphold user.



We’re two, unfortunately :frowning:


We are 3. I’m also facing the same issue.

I also opened 2-3 topic but at last didn’t get any support


Eu tenho 33 BAT preso já nem sei mais quanto tempo faz e duvido muito que venha a ser enviado para a minha Uphold.
Todos os meses acumulo um valor X e só recebo X/2 ou até mesmo X/3.
Tenho quase certeza que os dias de recompensas do Brave estão contados e os desenvolvedores não têm sequer a hombridade de informar aos usuários.

have you tried sending your payment id to @steeven ? he was telling ppl to dm him their payment id, im still waiting for confirmation that its not a scam lol

Same here, no response from anyone either. They have screwed up in every possible way and keep compounding it through a complete lack of any sort of honest communication preventing us from being forced to further waste their time with this spam.

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same here, still no payment . We’re on the 25th lol

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I haven’t received any rewards since August 2021

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I have 2 devices, one of them has received the award and the other has not received the award yet. Note: April 26

I too had the same problem, with uphold on an android platform. However it got resolved 2 days ago. So, I believe that if you wait 2-3 days more and it might get resolved.

I too haven’t received bat for the previous month

Check Pinned post. There’s a known issue and they are investigating it. Don’t worry, we will receive full rewards.

That’s right, I too had the same issue, but got it resolved 2-3 daysago

same here

@ulaskan Hello, where can I find all the info you provide in your first message ?

@Okmy → brave://rewards-internals/


@steeven mine also 4-5 Token not creadited yet in my uphold wallet what can i do? pls tell amitrj2005@gmail.com

Me too. I haven’t received my March rewards yet. Please help berat_cntrk@hotmail.com

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