I haven't received ads rewards since July (on Windows and Android)

I’ve been using Brave for a few years without any problems, but since July I haven’t received any ad rewards. My profile has been verified, my Uphold account is ok and I have activated the maximum number of ads per hour on Windows and Android. I’ve contacted support before and received an email in early August saying the issue was resolved, but I’m still not receiving my rewards. Could someone help me, please?

Best would be to contact support again at

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Do drop in your ticket ID here.

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@argentodniel could you share the ticket number from where you received a response saying your issue was resolved?

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I received the following message:

Your request (214194) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

J (Brave Software)

Aug 18, 2023, 12:42 PM PDT


Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support. Your issue should now be resolved.

You can now earn for Brave Ads, and are eligible to receive future payouts.

Thank you again,

—Brave Team

I responded on September 22, but I didn’t receive any new messages.

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@steeven @Evan123 could you guys loop back on this?

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@SmartyAadi @Saoiray thank you friends!

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Sorry to come here again, but the Brave team tried to help me (I received another message confirming the issue was resolved), but I checked my logs and I think it persists.

The previous error messages persist and now new ones have appeared. Do you believe my problem is with my Uphold account? I don’t really understand much about this, thank you very much for the help!

[26 de set. de 2023, 9:26:07,0 AM:ERROR:logging_util.cc(93)] Network error (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)
[26 de set. de 2023, 9:26:07,0 AM:ERROR:get_card.cc(41)] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[26 de set. de 2023, 9:26:07,0 AM:ERROR:uphold.cc(117)] Couldn’t get balance
[26 de set. de 2023, 9:26:07,0 AM:ERROR:wallet_balance.cc(90)] Failed to fetch balance for uphold wallet!
[26 de set. de 2023, 11:33:29,3 AM:ERROR:publisher.cc(625)] Publisher info not found
[26 de set. de 2023, 11:42:42,2 AM:ERROR:publisher.cc(625)] Publisher info not found
[26 de set. de 2023, 4:25:20,1 PM:ERROR:refill_unblinded_tokens.cc(198)] Failed to get signed tokens
[26 de set. de 2023, 4:36:02,0 PM:ERROR:publisher.cc(625)] Publisher info not found

These logs are not taught to users. Only brave knows what they mean

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@SmartyAadi Yes, that’s what I thought… I will continue to wait for a response/guidance from the support team


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@steeven @Evan123 Guys, sorry to keep bothering you, but it’s September 30th and I still having issues according to my logs. I don’t know what to do, could you help me?

[26 de set. de 2023, 4:25:20,1 PM:ERROR:refill_unblinded_tokens.cc(198)] Failed to get signed tokens
[26 de set. de 2023, 4:36:02,0 PM:ERROR:publisher.cc(625)] Publisher info not found

[29 de set. de 2023, 3:53:58,7 PM:ERROR:publisher.cc(625)] Publisher info not found

@argentodniel the first and most important thing is for you not to be looking and trying to figure out those logs. All of us will see that, such as mine below:

There’s nothing “wrong” with what you see. It’s just how Rewards works. Brave doesn’t like to go into details about what it all means and how to read it. Main idea is seeing that means nothing bad, just that it wasn’t time for you to see an ad (essentially).

Big issue is whether you’re seeing ads and if payouts are getting to you.

@argentodniel, I know I had checked in with Steeven the other day and he saw someone was talking with you in regards to your ticket. I don’t know what was said or if you’re still in touch with them, but make sure you’re communicating with them and providing what they request.

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I really appreciate your patience and willingness to help me. I only commented again because these log notifications started appearing coincidentally around the time I stopped receiving the rewards.

As I am a layman, I ask myself all the time if there is anything wrong on my part that I should correct.

After you tagged the team in the conversation, support wrote to me saying that everything is now back to normal, without any additional details, but they have done this before and the problem persisted.

Anyway, I’ll wait until the rewards processing date and check if it works, there is nothing more that can be done about September.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Hello, I just came back to inform you of the outcome of my situation, in case you are curious.

As usual, I once again did not receive payment for last month’s ads. After all, the problem that they said twice was fixed, was not fixed. And today, when I open the browser, I discover that my account has been flagged, whatever that is, probably because of something that I don’t even have the skills to do, after all, I only access emails, news sites, social networks and work pages.

And that’s not even the worst part. They didn’t even send me an email informing me that my account was subject to this restriction and contextualizing the situation, nothing.

Therefore, I conclude that Brave has the worst support I have ever dealt with and is little interested in expanding its users to the casual audience.

Thank you very much to everyone who responded and tried to help me in this thread, sorry for wasting your time. Now I’m going to report my case to the app stores and look for another browser.

A great day to everyone.

Hello @argentodniel - Looks like we requested information on October 3rd and never received a reply. Please check your email. Thanks!

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I hope you understand that Brave rewards didn’t ask you for your email ID when you turned it on so brave can’t contact you when you do get flagged, instead gives the warning when trying to reconnect.

When you did sign up for Uphold / Gemini, they did, Uphold / Gemini are different from Brave.

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@Evan123 Of course, you responded on October 3rd. Please, what should I respond to this?

I completely understand that not being connected to the Uphold service is irrelevant to the use of the browser, but if I don’t have access to the rewards, which is one of its differentiators, its level of appeal drops. And it falls even further with the type of outcome of my situation, in which I am actively making myself available to try to correct it, but I don’t get any feedback or I am treated with neglect by support. Apparently only you and Saoiray are paying me any attention, which makes me really grateful for. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I just DM’d you. Thanks!

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