I haven't gotten any token since installing brave until today

hi, i have registered brave rewards since several weeks ago, and I never got any tokens. After weeks using brave watching ads, videos, browsing, still no tokens granted at all. Can you please help me? I have verified my youtube channel. I watched tutorial videos about brave rewards, and they said that after 24 hours until 48 hours using brave browser to browse, watch videos, ads, there should be a claim reward button which states how many tokens in my brave reward page on the top right corner of my brave reward page after clicking the brave reward icon, but I didn’t see any claim BAT token reward button at all after I clicked my brave reward icon next to the brave shield icon. Can you please help?

Thank you very much.

@reesha grants will be available when it’s available. There’s no fixed schedule for when grants available.

Keep an eye for a notification on your browser.


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