I haven't been able to use brave for months

I haven’t been able to use brave for months.
when I start my macbook 2020 application the icon bounces as if it is about to start but then nothing happens it stopped working overnight. I tried everything, I downloaded the various versions (beta). but nothing. i need help.

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Can you use an alternative package manager like homebrew or compile it locally? My guess is some dependencies is bugged in your OS so it won’t launch, it also won’t install. Does Mac have a log file somewhere like Journal on linux?

Im on linux, manjaro, so it’s arch but not arch. It. Can get weird sometimes with applications. The manjaro package might break, so I’ll switch to a flatpak package. That package might break so I’ll switch back to the manjaro package.

I have no idea, I’m not very computer savvy. but I can try to do some research starting from your bases

Let me know if something works for my own biological database.

Maybe trying a search like “how to homebrew applications on mac os”.

I see it as a complicated thing for me, I’m thinking of abandoning good for the moment (at least until I find an easier solution) in the meantime I’ve resumed with google. Thanks for your help

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