I have to turn off shields on every site

I shop online. i have yet to find a site that works properly unless I turn off the shield. Over and over and over. I run windows 10 pro. I have even tried to turn off Shiels for all sites. However, that setting is nowhere that I can find. I feel like I am giving up the reason I installed Brave when I turn shields off, but literally NO site works until I do. It seems to not work when a site opens a picture/window whatever. Paging also does not work.

Sites include Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom. furniture sites, social sites, etc.

Is this the way you want it to work? if so, what is the point of a shield? I use Rakuten, 1password extensions.

Brave Shields has Block Scripts option, If You have Enabled Block Scripts in Brave Settings, Most Sites won’t work.

block scripts if off.
trackers are disabled

I attempted to disable or turn off any setting that might be blocking.

It would be helpful to know what actually happens when you visit these sites. Additionally, can you please provide some exact examples (screenshots would be helpful here as well) of sites that aren’t working for you with Shields up?

On my end, both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus worked without any issue using default Shields settings: