I have to select either Bing or Google to view videos and images

Since update to Brave, I am forced to select either Bing or Google to view Videos upon doing a search on a related topic. First, I chose Brave to NOT use Google or Bing, yet now any video I want to view upon retrieval of search results, I must select one of these options to view the video.

As a side note, I made sure I was logged out of anything related to google like You Tube, GMail and so on. Yet I was still forced to select one of 2 options to view a video. I also went to Settings and Brave has it there where I must select one or the other for BOTH Images and Videos.

Version: 1.50.119

Mac: Ventura 13.3.1

If this is the new normal for Brave, I will no longer be using Brave. This is a great disappointment. If there is a setting I was not able to find that negates the 2 above, I would like to be advised.
Thank you and I look forward to Brave responding

@lcpanam Please always search for similar topics before posting. This was already asked and answered.

Not being rude in any way, but I did search for this topic but I was unable to find it. As I did read the explanation you provided, thank you also, it still represents a large problem for us who seek more privacy. Anything we search for will now be like a deck of cards using the other 3rd party who love to harvest our searches and beyond. I find this, along with countless others quite problematic with Brave. Also, the statement reads: “removes business dependency to Microsoft Bing”. That in itself makes no sense. It now puts me and everyone else dependant on either of the 2 other businesses which opens a gateway of greater privacy issues. Granted Brave is not 100% safe, none are, but having 2 of the worst to choose from is unacceptable. I rather use GrapheneOS to search for what ever topic which everything is in a sandbox than use Brave in a “normal” fashion and be forced to select either of the two worst options. As a long time Brave user, it is my hope and putting this as politely as possible, that Brave resolves this matter in the most expedient of ways for not only myself, but countless others will find alternative ways to utilize our internet activity without Brave. As stated in the beginning of my response, this is not meant to be rude, but giving insight from someone who takes great measures to protect ones privacy, esp. nowadays.

Thank you again for the above image concerning this issue.

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Not sure how you went about searching, but little tip is to make sure you sort it by Latest Post whenever you look for topics. Just doing something random like putting Bing in the search results would have pulled up one of the other topics.

Brave had been using Bing for their image searches. So they were dependent on it. Just like early Brave Search results were being pulled primarily from Google. They launched everything without it being completely independent.

That said, they now are shifting and having normal Search run 100% on Brave’s database. However, they don’t have it set up for image or video. But in the sake of being independent, they stopped the API to Bing and instead are just redirecting people to other sites so they can get results as they want. (Other thing I heard but not sure if it’s true is that Bing’s API increased in prices, which helped to want to get away from it)

Agreed, I’m hoping to see that as well. I’ve reached out to someone from Search to see if they can provide more details on when they expect to have Search up and running for images and videos. I’m hoping they’ll respond soon or that perhaps @Mattches or @SaltyBanana might have some information when they come in this week.