I have to login to all my sites again every time I open Brave Browser

I have to login to all my sites again every time I open Brave Browser. Reddit, Gmail, Ebay etc

I checked the ON EXIT settings at brave://settings/clearBrowserData and it is NOT set to clear cookies on exit.

Any help please??

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There are three tabs for the “Clear browsing data” window (I am using a Mac) at “brave://settings/clearBrowserData”:

On exit

For the Basic tab, ENABLE all three:

Browsing history
Cookies and other site data
Cached images and files

Set Time range to All time

Click on the Clear data button.

Next, for each of the three tabs (Basic, Advanced, On exit), DISABLE EVERYTHING

Now go to


Set Trackers & ads blocking to DISABLED

Set Upgrade connections to HTTPS to DISABLED

Set Block scripts to ENABLED (Yes, that is ENABLED)

Set Cookie blocking to Only cross-site

Set Fingerprinting blocking to Standard

Quit Brave. Start Brave.

Pick 2 or 3 of the most troublesome websites. Log in to each website, via a New Window (NOT with a “New Private Window”). You are testing via a new window for each website.

Quit Brave. Start Brave.

What is the result? Are you still logged in to any of the 2 or 3 most troublesome websites?


A website that is earnestly interested in YOUR SAFETY, will NOT require you to have [somehow] enabled:

Cross-site Cookies
Fingerprinting aka footprinting

IF . . .

You find that you still have to log in for all 2 or 3 of the test websites, then repeat the above steps . . . BUT, Set Block scripts to DISABLED . . . and test logins, again.

At last . . .

Once you complete your testing, return settings to where you think they are best for you.

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