I have to enter a URL twice in order to go to it

Starting a few days ago (no change to the Brave version, no change in plugins etc), I’ve had to go to the URL bar and enter an URL twice in order to go to the URL. Meaning: I enter www.example.com, hit enter. Nothing happens except the background goes dark gray, then go up to the URL again, click enter again, and then the page loads instantly.

It’s essentially exactly the same issue as described in I have to load URLs twice - #8

If I open a new incognito browser, this problem goes away. My main profile has this issue though. I’ve tried clearing the cache, but no change.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.39.122 for Windows (10)

Can you please update your browser to the latest build (v1.40.105) and tell me if the issue still persists?

That does indeed fix it. I wasn’t aware there was a pending update, thanks for the tip!

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