I have this error but I live in the US, is this a bug or is Brave not available in the US anymore?

I live in the US, the Brave Rewards Uphold login just expired and they require me to re-login. But I haven’t been able to do so because it is saying Brave Rewards is not available in my region. I don’t have a VPN, what can I do?

You live in US. But, what is your nationality? Is it American?

There are some issues regarding the data that is shared from Uphold to Brave. Sometimes, when there is a clash between place of residence and nationality, the system is not able to identify whether you are in a supported region.

You may need to confirm if:

  • Your residence is properly verified in Uphold
  • Your nationality is also properly verified
  • You are indeed connecting from the same country of your verified residence

If it still fails, you need to contact Uphold support and Brave support.
Brave support link below:

I live in the US, and all of my information is verified on uphold, I am also connected to the same wifi I’ve been connecting in the past. For the first few months, it was fine. After it got disconnected I couldn’t reconnect.

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