I have stopped receiving rewards

Ever since I updated the iOS app I have stopped receiving rewards. My rewards are still turned on. I can see the rewards I have got from months past. But I have received zero ads so far this month with the setting of 2 ads per hour turned on and multiple hours of browsing

Hi @Balmy - thanks for reaching out. A few questions to better understand what might be happening.

  • What Brave version are you on?

  • What country are you in?

  • Can you send a screenshot of your Rewards Panel?

iOS 1.15.2

Thanks @Balmy - please know that this is the ‘maximum amounts’ that you will see, and are not guaranteed to see that many. When did you update?

Probably about a week ago

I have been able to get ads to come by turning off and on the brave rewards but they are still inconsistent. I am also no longer seeing pending rewards at all which has never happened before

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