I have some freeze on Brave Desktop Beta everytime

**Description of the problem:
Hi ! I’m on Brave since 2 years and I wanted to be on the beta version of it, so I use it since 2 weeks.

But at the moment I switched, I started have some freeze on Brave, on every websites :

I’m scroling twitter for example and the top of my screen is freezing, but I can interact with the website (but I see nothing), and it stops few seconds after the begining.

And I’m sure it isn’t about my laptop (2700X/RX 6600) because I have this kind of things just on this Browser and not other app.
If you want some details (screen, versions etc.), I’m here for !

** How can this problem be reproduced? I don’t really know, for me, it’s everytime and with no recurancy, but I know it started with Beta version of Brave.

Expected result:A freeze on the desktop Beta version of Brave at everytime.

Brave version (see ‘About Brave’):
Version 1.48.113 Chromium: 109.0.5414.74 (Build officiel) beta (64 bits)

Additional information: I’m French so I can talk French if it’s necessary (better understanding), and sorry if I’m not clear, I’m not the besser in English…

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