I have reset my android phone and there are no bat on it . So I. Future how to secure your wallet from this.?

Recently duw to low storage I have format my android phone and everything including brave rewards are cleaned from it. So is there any way to secure your Brave BAT wallet ?

Looking for some solution !

There used to be a backup option, but it was removed. I’ve been monitoring the same problems (wallet limit, no backup) for over a year and they still haven’t come up with a solution.
Actually, it works in their favour because every BAT a user loses goes straight to Brave’s pocket, effectively doubling their earnings.
And because they are profitable and their user base is growing, they are unconcerned about the problems.
So, the solution is that you may merely wish for something similar.


verify with one of the custodian services if you can.


We’re getting rid of linking limits in the coming months. We’re actively working on it. In the meantime, support team can help free up a slot for you

Also, you may want to read some of the info I shared over at Brave wallet showing balance to be 0$ even after payment date - #5 by Saoiray

Lastly, you probably should thoroughly read everything from the two links below

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The point is they do have backup options, there’s ways to save your BAT, they are working on introducing a better and official Backup & Restore, getting rid of wallet limits, AND there’s a
Wallet unlinking request form if you end up hitting the wallet limit.

So for someone has been following that for over a year it seems that you’re lacking a lot of information and telling people the wrong thing

@Dsingh19 If you had not verified the Wallet and you’ve already reformatted then at this point you have lost everything that was saved in the browser. If you had verified a wallet and you have a Gemini or an Uphold account then all the BAT that was saved there will still be available to you. You just will have to link to that same account with your new browser.

Thanks for your response,
I agree with you but as per brave rewards minimum 15 bat is eligibility to connect it with uphold wallet . So have only 3 bat …
Do I have to be eligible with 15+ BAT in my account for this ?

@Dsingh19 I thought they did away with the minimum requirement but if you’re seeing it, I guess not. It’s been a while since I had to do a wallet. If you never verified with Uphold in the past, then that means you’ll be creating and validating now which is a lot of little requirements. However, if you had it before, then you’ll just be signing in rather than going through the whole verify process.

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