I have not received payment for ads

“I’ve read the checklist above, and it seems none of those reasons apply.” (If not). None apply

What platform are you on (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux)? Use Windows 10 operating system - 32 Bits

Have you ever received payments in previous months, or is it your first time? If I have received payments in previous months

Have a verified wallet? That is, is your Brave Rewards wallet connected to a Uphold.com Account? If I have a verified Uphold account connected to my Rewards wallet

If you have a verified wallet, have you ever connected your Uphold account to 4 or more different devices at the most of your life? This includes previous installations of Brave, Brave on different platforms, as well as the Brave-Beta, Brave-Dev, and Brave-Nightly versions.

I don’t have my Uphold account connected to 4 or more devices

If you have a verified wallet, did you verify the use of an ID from a region that is not supported by Brave Ads? For example, even if you live in the United States, do you verify with a Kazakh passport / driver’s license?

This does not apply to me


As stated in the pinned post October Brave Ads Payout Status – payouts are still processing and are expected to continue to process throughout the day. Please check the above linked thread for updates on payout status.

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