I have not received my tips for 3 months

My Operative Sistem Windows 10 Pro.
Brave Version: 1.32.106
Hello brave team, I come to expose you a problem that I have had for more than 3 months that I have not received tips from Brave Publisher and I know that there were some problems such as disconnected wallets and I followed the steps indicated in the community and I still do not receive my payment. .
I hope you can help me, thank you very much


@HardwarePoderoso can you send a link to your verified channel?

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I know that it is a tight team and that they have many tasks:, D I look forward to your prompt response as well

Thank you @HardwarePoderoso, reviewing now.

Thank you! @steeven !

Thanks @HardwarePoderoso, you can expect to receive them as a part of the December settlement.

@steeven On my Brave Creator Account too… it is showing 2.85 BAT payout in progress for past 1.5 month