I have not received my referral payment since December

My Brave Rewards panel balance says I have BATs pending payment

The payout period has fully completed and I have not received my payout

I open this thread because in the publication of the payments of April, @steeven says that they have finished processing the payments and mentions that “If the payout period has fully completed and you have not received your payout, create a thread and we can help you!”. I hope this is the right procedure

I did not receive the last payment of my referrals

When the referral program finished, I had one last payment pending. My Brave Rewards dashboard (publishers.basicattentiontoken.org) shows those BATs pending payment. But they still do not pay to my uphold account.

Last month I received 4 payments from different channels, but the referral payment is still not paid.

Hope someone can help me solve this problem.


PS: I know that dashboard says the payout report is currently generated, but the payment thread says they have finished processing.

Update: the legend “The payout report is currently generating” has disappeared

I’ve been the same since December waiting for the payment but nothing sure is a mistake brave

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they kept telling me to be sure to go then 6 months without seeing anything … I was a kid

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Please DM the email linked to your account. Thank you!


a mi me pasa igual pero mis bats desaparecieron y nunca fueron depositados en mi cuenta

tengo un problema similar me puedes ayudar

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Desde el mes pasado no recibo el pago de brave referidos y tengo bat, solo me dicen que espere y no me acreditan a mi uphold

Este es mi correo vinculado: contactomanuelramirez@gmail.com

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Thank you, I’ve already sent the DM.

information sent to the DM

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I have also sent you a dm but no reply.

MY registered email id is ajagekarpranav22@gmail.com

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