I have not received my November 2023 bat

Briefly describe your issue:
My November 2023 BAT is still missing. The last time I received my BAT was in August, 2023.
What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
Version 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold

Are you in a supported region? Not sure. I’m from the US and set my region to USA, but currently in South Korea.

@Apathy you’ll likely need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 to get this resolved.

Around this time is when antifraud got strict and a lot of accounts got flagged. It’s possible, maybe even probable, your account is one of them.

And this actually would be an issue. Ads are provided based in our IP address. You would have USA as your country but then IP address of South Korea? If so, system could be seeing you as violating Terms, as we say that we won’t make any attempt to view ads from outside our country.

Essentially it would be trying to serve you ads for South Korea but then could end up refusing payment because it sees your Locale and chosen country as something else. If that happened enough, it would flag/suspend your account.

This is something slated to possibly change here in the future, especially as they are working to introduce on chain payments. In the meanwhile, it can be a headache for people in the military, traveling abroad for college, or whatever else.

Regardless, if you get the support ticket in, this will allow Support to take a deeper look and see if they can help. If the account is flagged, they’ll make a determination whether to remove the flag or say your account will remain flagged. If the issue is anything else, they’ll advise and assist.

Thank you for the advice. I will open a ticket, have a good one.

I also got banned and support say is permanent no reason on what I did wrong. I believe I seen this with many money making apps in the playstore so this is not much different. Obviously I thought they were different . In any case just turn of Ads that way they don’t profit from your use.

Hello @Danrok - Your case was thoroughly reviewed and we stand by the decision made. Thank you.

Thank you Evan I was already informed of this . With the same words you just used in email . Also by you automated system but no explanation of what I did wrong or how to fix it . I recently connected too uphold and my first payout I get banned permanently no explanation sound fishy. God bless you in all your endeavors .

Hey Mr. Evan,

I don"t know how things work here becoz I started previous month. I had 1.3 BAT on november 30 but today on december 1 its 0.5.

Where did the bats go?

Payouts are processing. Ads Payout Status Update

@businessideamentor where is it that you saw this 1.3 BAT? If it was in the area that says Earnings so far or estimated earnings then that always resets to 0 at the end of each month and is then sent as payment a week or two later.

If it was in the balance area, then that is what is in your ZebPay account. So if it went from 1.3 to 0.5 in your ZebPay, it means you used 0.8 BAT on something.

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