I have not received March 2022 rewards payout

me too , its so bad …
i has 3.7BAT for march and i received 0.250 :grimacing:

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They do keep the community informed. You should see a persistent banner at the top of every page within this forum. This is the page you’ll want to follow:


My March Rewards have vanished? I have a verified Gemini wallet and the BAT tokens have left brave and not appeared in my Geminin Wallet? It has been 7 days since they vanished? Is brave a scam browser? @BraveSupport Please advise

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It is not a scam. You will receive your payout. Follow the page I linked to above.

Hi, I saw the update and followed the instruction from the notice but my reward did not receive. Any suggestions that users will receive their missing rewards if possible?

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That link you posted is for the April payout, I’m looking for the March payout man

Payout occurring in APRIL concerning what’s earned in MARCH.

OK, I appreciate the clarification then. Over the last few days the tokens pop up in my account, and I try to claim them, and then it says “oops something went wrong” and then the tokens disappear for a few days only to show up again back in brave. I figure they are doing this on purpose until the 90days run out and then say that I didn’t claim them when in fact I have tried many times. (see picture that proves rewards are there, then the next picture is what it looks like when they disappear)

March earnings are paid in April.

I say just give it a little time. They are working on resolving and you can follow along with the Payout Status. We are no where near 90 days yet, so no need to worry at this time.

I got the same popup just now and same ‘something went wrong’ appeared. BAT not credited and the banner disappeared. Nowhere to be found.

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All I can do is keep waiting, so I will. It’s my first payout with Brave, so I’m super stoked, as I want to tell all my friends about it. But first I want to make sure its legit ya know? @dsims how long have you had brave for?

@d.lokesh16, Thanks for speaking up, glad i’m not alone

I’ve been a loyal user since January 2021. I just shared some positive light on my experience this morning here:

I, too, had issues with payouts out of the gates. Once I had it all corrected (took a ton of patience, almost two months) and my Gemini wallet verified, it has been smooth sailing since. It’ll come together man.

I just try to remember this is a free browser and we aren’t paying for their support. They of course have vested interest to support us and retain users, but it takes time to help everyone. You can count the active support team members on this forum with one hand.


Mine is simply disappeared and never came back!

Thanks for your insight, these days there are so many rug pulls and scams out there it make a person expect the worse all the time. I hope the brave team can get it all worked out

That’s true. Plenty of scams and rug pulls out there. At least with this one, you know you have no investment other than your time. I am going to be browsing the internet regardless, so it’s not necessarily extra devoted time. Nothing to lose. If Brave disappeared tomorrow, I’d be sad, but I wouldn’t be hurt financially. I’m confident they are here for the long run though :slight_smile:

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Since december 2021 I recieved only 0.25bat each month even if i have more . It appears like that in my history : I have some doubt now on Brave rewards :frowning:

I earned 4.5 BAT in March 2022. But I received just 0.25 BAT when claimed. Why? Where did my rest of 4.25 BAT vanish? Why can’t I claim my rewards?

Hello newcomers @SamyChez and @Dhiman. See this post for answers: