I have not received March 2022 rewards payout

Same here, I think they just won’t give us our rewards.

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I have the same problems on the Browser of my desktop pc and surface, both are evrified to the same gemini wallet. On the smartphone (which is not verified), the rewards got paid out (that’s where I am the nice guy and tip).

This happened with me i haven’t received march reward

Me too İ haven’t claimed my March rewards.

I also have not received rewards for March 2022.
Can anyone please suggest what to do?

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Same Here, i had almost accumulated 1.4Bat in the month of March but now i dont see any option to claim. Any one from the Brave Dev Side do respond if you are aware of the issue!

Hi all, same here did not receive my rewards. Hopefully this can be sorted.

Thank you

The same thing happened to me, I won 2.1 BAT and the banner disappeared, I thought I was the only one with the error

Same here 4.8 BAT expected and got nothing, it showed 0.25 BAT but i did not even get them.
Steven said we can expect to get it this week, but still nothing…

would be helpful if they kept people informed, it has not paid my march bat to me, however this is the first time it has happened to me.

So i am still in wait mode

I had this problem too, with 2.71 BAT

me too , its so bad …
i has 3.7BAT for march and i received 0.250 :grimacing:

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They do keep the community informed. You should see a persistent banner at the top of every page within this forum. This is the page you’ll want to follow:


My March Rewards have vanished? I have a verified Gemini wallet and the BAT tokens have left brave and not appeared in my Geminin Wallet? It has been 7 days since they vanished? Is brave a scam browser? @BraveSupport Please advise

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It is not a scam. You will receive your payout. Follow the page I linked to above.

Hi, I saw the update and followed the instruction from the notice but my reward did not receive. Any suggestions that users will receive their missing rewards if possible?

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That link you posted is for the April payout, I’m looking for the March payout man

Payout occurring in APRIL concerning what’s earned in MARCH.

OK, I appreciate the clarification then. Over the last few days the tokens pop up in my account, and I try to claim them, and then it says “oops something went wrong” and then the tokens disappear for a few days only to show up again back in brave. I figure they are doing this on purpose until the 90days run out and then say that I didn’t claim them when in fact I have tried many times. (see picture that proves rewards are there, then the next picture is what it looks like when they disappear)