I have not received full payments


Good afternoon I have a problem this month the accounts of the people who downloaded the browser with my reference link were verified and only two references have been paid to my wallet when they have already verified me five. What can I do to solve this problem?


Hi @elimar123,

Sorry for your troubles here! What’s you publishers URL? I can help to troubleshoot.



https://brave.com/eli053 this is my editors url, thank you very much for helping me with this problem


As you can see in the photo my problem has not yet been solved, apart from that my payment says payment pending and does not say the date in which I should receive the payment, which should be the 8th of this month, what is happening and please help me with a solution


Today is 6/04 and my payment has not arrived, the same thing happend the 6/03 that my payment has not arrived completely.


@elimar123 @ricardonothing payments arrives into your Uphold wallet 8 every Month , don’t worry.


Perfect, is not it a successor with the 100 bats that have not been credited to my account? It’s 40 bat for each verified referendum and only 100 bat have arrived. please help me with a solution


BAT is now worth 17-18 for 5$ and not 40 bat that means for every confirmed download you receive about 17-18 BAt in this days and this change evey days …the payement is received every 8th from any month

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Oh, ok, but it’s already April 8 and I have not reached my payment to defend and keep this answer correctly and I already received payments in the past month but today I do not


just be patient…if u are a verified uphold member


Hi @elimar123,

Thanks for your patience here. The payments are being processed today, and you can expect your wallet balance to update in the next couple of days.

Please let me know if there’s anything else that we can be of help with!


As you can see in the following pictures my payment should be 119 bat and I only received 19 what is happening with brave? How can I solve this problem to receive my full funds?


Same problem with me I have more then 500 bat but received only 17 Bat…
@Asad @steeven plz reply As soon as possible

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@Asad @steeven plz reply As soon as possible

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Did you receive payment or account banned??


Many people loss their account including me, my sister and my 2 friends


I have not yet received the payment, I have placed several complaints and writings to the administrators and I have not received a response or the rest of the payment

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Hi guys, keep hanging in there – sometimes the payments happen in small chunks (the payout period can last a few days).


My account is blocked plz help @Asad


Good evening I have a problem this month i don’t understand why i don’t receive the monthly reward like a user on brave