I have not received Brave Ads in several months

I am also not reciving ads from dec 17 @steeven

Steeven claimed that my wallet was blocked and that he “unblocked it”.
no response to anything after that.
i have not received anything for BAT since Oct this year.

Payouts got cut almost in half since feb or march i believe.

They are burning their reputation slowly but surely.


surely something is happening, i keep clicking on ads and they don’t pay, going on for a couple of weeks already.

The same situation to me

Same here. I was so happy with this browser and happily earning BAT for ads, but now why use it? I know it’s a holiday, but I hope someone from the team responds soon. It seems like a widespread issue.


Interesting. It happened to me as well: No payout, no ads, next payment in October? - #12 by rmobo

Despite being unblocked and multiple conversations with @steeven and @tmancey I have not seen a single ad since August. So don’t put too much hope into seeing some soon again.


@rmobo @driver969 would you be willing to screen-share so we can investigate further? If so, can you please email me at terry@brave.com with suitable times (I am unavailable on Wednesday). Thanks

Same to me. No more ads since two months. I’m on a Mac Monterey. My Uphold Account is connected.

same to me. they also havent payed me

The same situation to me on both my two computers (since 17, Dec 2021) and my mobile (since Oct, 2021)… it sucks…

@tmancey is it ok to email you as well?

Sure, please also include a link to your post so I can easily reconcile to update others as to the cause of the issue

Hello Terry,

I have the Brave Browser installed on four devices. Two Windows 10, one Mac Monterey (version: 12.0.1 (21A559)) and on an iPhone.
On none of the four devices have Brave ads been showing for about two months.
On the Mac machine I have two accounts. I can’t connect my wallet on the second account. I always got the message “Max Device Limit Reached”. Is it possible that I was blocked because I tried this?

Another thing I noticed on the Mac is that Brave Browser is listed twice in the system settings for notifications.

Many greetings

@tmancey Hi Terry. Following up on our Zoom this morning (afternoon for you). You mentioned that my wallet was blocked. Please let me know about next steps once you’ve had the opportunity to review internally. Thanks again for all your help.

@tmancey Hi Terry. Following up as well!

I do occasionally use a VPN (Private Internet Access), but only about 5% of the time. Things were working pretty well until I migrated to a new Macbook. Not sure what caused the flag, but I’m definitely not trying to do anything to game the ad system! Please let me know what I can do to help get my wallet unblocked.

Thank you!

ugh, no one can help?

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@steeven could you please check this wallet to unblock. Thanks

Can you please DM me your wallet id. Thanks

@steeven can we please reset the device limit for this user?

It is correct that Brave Browser is listed twice as one of these is for banners and the other for notifications.

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Hello, I’ve been having a similar issue. I was able to link my Brave Rewards to my Gemini account back in Oct. My available BAT was transferred and I received rewards in Nov. I’ve just noticed that I stopped receiving ads. When I checked my 30-day Ads History the last I received was mid-Dec. Would it be possible to have my account checked to see what the issue is? Thank you.

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