I have not received a single BAT

Uphold wallets payments complete? Not me… I have not received a single BAT

What now?

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Im in the same boat, maybe its done on their end and the blockchain just hasnt updated yet? lets atleast hope its just that.

Actually they stopped paying since last month. you must claim or you will not get your rewards. Only a few receive their bats as it was always done.

Do you have any proof for this cus last month i did not need to claim.

Are you kidding? Last month there were thousands of comments here on the forum. Thousands of people around the world received nothing. Are you new here or something? As I said: Only a few receive their bats as it was always done.

One of my uphold linked devices had a claim button this month, the other deposited automatically like usual. Not sure why, but I got all of my bat.

The instructions didn’t mention the Uphold’s users need to reclaim the rewards. Just for the unverified users. Well, I’m having the same issue. ;/

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Hi not sure if you have seen this and if it helps https://community.brave.com/t/notice-for-users-verified-with-uphold-who-have-not-received-payment/324425, if not suggest you follow the instructions suggested by steeven in this post Not getting any ads and not receiving any BAT
Hope this helps

I already did the CDD and nothing.

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no reason to get snippy, and if you checked my account you would have seen i been here longer then you :smiley:

Then you are also luckier than me.

suggest you follow the DM route as suggested in second link by steeven
good luck

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What? Send me the link please.

hope it helps, good luck

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why would that help? you’re linking to a problem about not getting ads… our problem is we arent getting payouts. stop spamming with random stuff.

If you prefer https://community.brave.com/t/i-didnt-get-my-january-payment/343022, the info required is the same though.
hope it helps

Recent post by Saoiray, Community Ninja :grin:

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