I have not receive my February BAT, I have around 19 BAT tokens,but now it is showing 0 BAT rewards. Please help me regarding this issue

I have not receive my February BAT, I have around 19 BAT tokens,but now it is showing 0 BAT rewards. Please help me regarding this issue.

@Ashish_Khati the short answer is you likely will need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 but I do want to confirm.

  1. Are you connected to a custodial partner? Or to better phrase, is your Rewards linked to Uphold, ZebPay, or BitFlyer?

  2. If you are connected, when did you connect your account?

  3. Is the 19 BAT you’re saying something you earned since you connected or could some of it have been from earnings last year?

Bro can you please help to disconnect my zebpay wallet and received bat in wallet directly so that i can use it in the wallet cause in india Tax for Crypto is very high and did not get much profit as my 30% of total reward and 1% tds cut by the government .
can you please help me out if possible?

Sir I have connected to ZebPay in the month of February.

My brave reward was showing 19 BAT when i connected to ZebPay account, but after few days like at the last week of of February Brave Reward started showing 0 BATs.

I think 19 BATs were my total earning since I started using brave browser.
I had created Ticket but there is no reply from their end.

Okay, so that is your issue. Those 19 BAT aren’t ever going to arrive if I’m understanding you correctly. Back in January 2023 they announced https://brave.com/rewards-changes/ which told everyone you needed to connect to a custodial account to earn BAT. So from then on, it was impossible to earn BAT without being linked to something like ZebPay or Uphold.

Then in August 2023 they announced https://brave.com/vbat-sunset/ which said anyone who failed to connect to a custodial partner by the end of October would lose any BAT (which was called vBAT) earned in prior years.

The tricky part for those of you in India is ZebPay didn’t become available until September. So while given a lot of notice, your period to connect was very short, just having a bit over a month to notice and link your account. Those who didn’t notice would have lost anything from prior years.

That said, if you connected in February then you should have received a payment last month. There may be a slight possibility it delayed and is going to pay during this pay period. I don’t know if it is best to tell you to wait to see or what?

Have you made sure to check your emails, including junk/spam folders? If you have and haven’t seen contact from them, please reply with the ticket number you provided and the date you created the ticket.

Sir I got this mail from Brave support team.