I have no problem with 2FA then for this message is displayed?

In addition to the payment problems of the BAT on my devices, here is that BRAVE CREATOR invented problems!

En plus des problèmes de paiement des BAT sur mes différents appareils, voici que BRAVE CREATOR invente des problèmes !

was the problem solved?

Oui, sans explication…

I have the same problem. 29-04-2020 this 2FA information has not yet been provided appeared on 01-05-2020 and is still hanging.

Again this problem that appears on payment days! It has been going on for two months! I have no 2FA problem @steeven

yes l aggre with you. this problem was occured on my payment day. it is a coincidence ı think

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Employees? Please, can i have an answer?

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Employees? Please, can i have an answer?

@steeven same problem

Hi @Braag @lizard - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Anyone have any feedback?

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