I have my twitter account verified

My friend has tipped me multiole bat through my twitter, @theMcgWire, and yet I have not recieved any bat on my twitter “card” on my uphold wallet…where is the BAT going? how do I access it?

Thanks for reporting! Can your friend share a screenshot of their transaction history? Can take a closer look!

It should appears on your creator account.

I dont know how to have him pull up the total history of contributions from previous months. He claims hes tipped me around 10 bat since he started tipping away (i got him into brave). But heres a picture of his screen infront of me

My twitter card still has 0 bat in it. Havnt recieved any

My twitter handle is @TheMcgWire

So i wasnt logging into my brave creator account… I figured it out. I was expecting it to show up in my uphold wallet. Thanks for the help! (Me looking over ur email and seei gthe brave creator account comment got me where i needed to be)

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