I have more than a month using Brave but my wallet is still empty

I have almost 2 months using Brave, my first month I had the auto-contribute ativated so I lost that money I guess, but since the last month I desactivate that and is may 10th and my wallet is empty still, I’m confuse :confused:

I desactivated the auto-contribute in April 6th

Do you have Brave Ads turned on? If you aren’t otherwise adding BAT via your own sources or Ads, it will remain empty.

Hello :slight_smile: I have Brave Rewards turned on. Brave Ads is not available yet in my region. That’s important for reward?

Correct! If the Ads aren’t available in your region, there is no way to earn BAT.

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Ohh, well thanks, that’s new because before Ads we could earn with the browser only having Brave Rewards turned on

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