I Have Lost the Taskbar At the Top of the Browser That Quick-Links To Sites I Access Often

The top taskbar that has YouTube, my search engine, and other sites that I often access on it one day when I clicked on something (I don’t remember what), it blinked out of sight and was gone. How do I get that back?

When you say “Quick-Links to Sites”, are you referring to the bookmarks bar? You can restore that bar by going to the Settings → Appearance | Toolbar . Check the drop-down box for Show Bookmarks is showing “Always”. If not, change it and the bookmarks bar will show up under the address bar.

Additional to @DesertAnt tip, you should also be able to press ctrl + shift + b. Then the bookmark bar should appear underneath the URL bar, as @DesertAnt already mentioned it.

Thank you so much for responding to my request.

I found Settings, clicked on it, and the page that came up said this across the top: "General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts and Import, Filters and Blocked Addresses, Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Add-ons, Chat and Meet, Advanced, Offline, Themes. I couldn’t find “Appearances” anywhere, although I did look in the “Inbox” category. Could you suggest another place where I could look?

Thank you ever so much.


Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end?

It sounds like you’re clicking Settings on the specific website you’re on, not in the browser itself. For the taskbar you’re looking for, did it look like this?

:point_up: If it did look like this, then this is the bookmarks bar as @DesertAnt and @LxWulf mentioned above. You can re-enable this by performing the following steps:

  1. In Brave browser, click on the Main Menu:

  1. In that menu, click Settings
  2. Then click Appearance:

  1. Find the Show bookmarks option and change it to Always:

Now the bookmarks bar should show — if this is what you’re referring to then your problem is solved. If this is not what you’re referring to, can you please elaborate a bit on what this toolbar looked like?

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Thank you for your prompt response.

No, the bar did not look like that. Something in the back of my head is saying that I’m not on the Brave browser, at least, not entirely. About a year ago I got tired of watching YouTube ads and switched to Brave. I couldn’t tell you how I did that but it worked. As I remember, the transition was very smooth. Everything has worked well up to now. But is there a possibility that I didn’t complete the transition and that is what is causing the disturbance? I await your response.


This menu, like 3 lines.

Thank you so much!! I’ve almost got it, thanks to you.

I found the right Settings, clicked on it.
I found the appearance, clicked on it.
I found Toolbar. Inside of Toolbar there was a whole listing of possibles. I clicked on each one, then went back into my Gmail to see if the correct Toolbar was there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t

I took a screen shot of the area that I believe is what I want. But it was not. Either that or I need to get some more instructions from you.

Thank you for your help.

My son chose the correct option and now my computer is fixed.

Thank you all so very, very much!!!


Hey there @yonargi,

Can you say which option exactly helped you to solve your problem?
This helps to better understand what you meant and also for others which may came
around with the same issue that you had.

Tip: If someone already answered your question you can mark it as solved underneath the post, left besides the reply button.



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@LxWulf is exactly right — can you please confirm or share a screenshot of exactly what option fixed the issue you were encountering, as well as share a screenshot of the toolbar you were referring to?

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I’m trying to upload a screen shot of the toolbar I was seeking, but I don’t know how to do it. I have the screen shot copied onto another file, but I don’t know how to get it up on yours website, in the right place. That would be under my message to you that my son came in and solved the last piece of the puzzle. It is copied onto a page from my word processor with a red arrow pointing to the toolbar.

This is very easy:

  1. Take a screenshot
    1. Copy it directly to the clipboard
    2. Or create a file and copy this file to the clipboard via ctrl + c
  2. Then go back to the Brave Community Forum and click on the reply button.
  3. Write the description to your screenshot.
  4. Make a new paragraph (press 2x Enter key)
  5. Press ctrl + v and your picture will get uploaded from your clipboard directly
  6. Send the reply.