I have ghost brave-ads

Hello ! I have more brave-ads since 2 months . after a lot of research I found out that windows+l was running an ad (but it doesn’t debug brave-ads) and then I found out even stranger.


Here you see I got 5 brave-ads thanks to windows+l.

Here we see the five brave-ads… and ghost ads. And it goes on down here, full of ghost ads

I really need help. I’m up against a wall in my research :frowning:

So you are saying these ads never appeared in notifications?

YES that’s right

(not reading this is so that the message is long enough for the post)

Sometimes ads reset to 0 due to many reasons (for me brave crashes which leads to this) and you will see ads received still in that list but counter resets to 0
Refer this pics of mine

Hope you get it

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I don’t get paid, all these ads don’t count as nothing. I have 10 cents from the 5 ads I have with windows+l.

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whats with windows+I ?

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I don’t know why when I do windows + l (it goes to the windows menu where you type your password) after entering windows I get a brave notification that appears, and not just any notification, a brave-ads. on the other hand notifications like that, I don’t get any that come naturally.

Can you post Screen shot,
windows+I is for opening settings of windows, I don’t know what is asking for password to you
And brave ads appear when you are doing your work naturally on brave browser

windows + L not i xDD

im h24 on Brave and i don’t have ads , just ghost ads :face_vomiting:

l = L / i = I … ha sorry

You are just locking your PC and logging back in, It has no connection with brave ads

And for ghost ads I don’t have any idea, although I’ve got ads while I was offline which you can compare with ghost ads ( No contribution to BAT)

check https://ads-serve.brave.com/v2/catalog and see if catalog shows some details

Well, it’ll show me a ad, I’ll try to make a film of it.


type this url https://ads-serve.brave.com/v2/catalog and use find in page type your os name if you see some results then you will receive ads otherwise no. I live in india and no android ads in the url

there’s advertising available in my country, that’s not the problem

I have ghost ads and I can get them with windows + L.

(windows same)

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