I have been using Brave for awhile and somehow my wallet is gone from any of my devices

Hi Brave!

Hope all is well!

I just noticed I am trying to sync a laptop I have but then my wallet with rewards are not showing in any of my devices. What should I do?

I will continue to sync my laptop though

@Elothedev Sync does not show your wallet or BAT. Sync is only for bookmarks and history overall, with some types of devices able to also sync things like Passwords and extensions.

You will need to Verify each device with a custodial wallet, such as Uphold. Once they are all verified with the same custodial wallet, then it will show you the balance you have on that wallet. So pretend it’s Uphold, each device will show your Uphold balance. However, the ads you see and the estimated BAT earnings for each browser will be different, as they are “stored” on those devices until it pays out to Uphold each month.

@Saoiray ahh I never verified anything yet…

I just remember I had a decent amount of rewards and don’t want to lose it.

What do I do now?

@Elothedev Short introduction on how BAT works:

You see ads and get estimated earnings. That is stored on your browser in what is called vBAT. But to limit confusion, it’s just referred to as BAT. While on your device, it is only good for tipping and can do nothing else. If your device crashes or you uninstall Brave, you lose all vBAT.

Once you create an account with Gemini or Uphold and verify the wallet here on Uphold, the process changes a bit. What happens is whichever one you use will honor vBAT and convert it to BAT. Once it’s converted and stored on their wallet as pure BAT, it is stored there safely and if anything ever happens to your device or you uninstall Brave, all your BAT will remain on Uphold/Gemini.

Also once verified, it’s like a bank account. So you can log in to it from any device and see what your balance is. Though the balance you see is only what “paid out” and is sitting on that account. What you accumulate on each device can only be seen on that device as "estimated’ until it does process and send out.

Shorter answer: You need to verify your wallet. If you don’t, then they can’t communicate with each other and your BAT will only be on your device. So higher chance or losing it if something goes wrong.

ok I will update, once i verify with Uphold!

Thank you

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