I have a request about 130.86 Bat held on my youtube channel

I have been using BRAVE browser for almost 1 year. I introduced BRAVE to my 30 to 35 friends. Happily, Brave has surpassed 8,000,000 users nowadays. Previously, BAT could not be removed from the browser wallet. I sent my wallet in my own tokens YouTube channel and wanted to get paid. My account was reviewed and made me pay 130.86 BAT.
Your appeal was rejected.
This decision is final. Frozen.
Now that I have the right to withdraw the coins from my browser account. I want it to be sent to my BAT browser account held on youtube. my youtube channel is sezai mercan. https://brave.com/sez824 This right is possible now. Now if I wanted to I could take. then please release 130 BAT in my account. Iā€™m waiting for your interest and understanding to make the payment. good work.

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