I have a problem with my payment. I don't see the funds in uphold

Hola buenas tardes tengo un problema con el pago de brave rewards. En la pagina de brave rewards me aparece que se me hizo el pago, pero no se ve reflejado el monto en mi tarjeta de uphold. Ayuda.
Hello good afternoon I have a problem with the payment of brave rewards. On the brave rewards page it appears that the payment was made to me, but the amount is not reflected in my uphold card. Help.

Did you check “BAT” card? The screenshot is a YouTube channel card – used only for direct contribution.

I have not created a brave rewards card, only the YouTube one appears

Are you sure that’s all the card that you have @KRLLPZ? The cards shown on Dashboard is only “Favorite cards”.

  • Did you not see your BAT in your “Available balance” in Uphold dashboard?
  • And did you have no “Recent activity” with message something like "@BravePublishers sent you x BAT"
  • When you click “Cards” menu, did you see your BAT card? And possibly with the balance?
  • if not, can you “Add card/currency” and add BAT card?

This is my recent activity window and no brave transaction appears to me.

And I have another BAT card, but I created that one.

They are all the cards I have.

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