I have a problem with a profile linking to my crypto custodian account

I have a problem. I created a brave profile (profile 4) to which I linked my wallet but I deleted it by mistake, now I want to create “profile 5” with the same wallet but it won’t let me link it because I already linked the profile to 4 but I deleted it and the profile 5 I want to link it but it won’t let me. How do I unlink the verified wallet from profile 4 (remove it) in order to link it to profile 5?

How many browser wallets (total) have you linked to your custodial account?

I have 4, but the last one I accidentally deleted. and I want to know how to recover or unlink it

We are working on getting tooling out for users to unlink an unused wallet on their own so that they may add a new one. Hope to have more information on this particular option very soon.

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