I have a "memory leak" and a "handle leak"

I use webroot and have been getting notifications about having “Memory leaks” and “Handle leaks”…
what can I do about this?
thanks for the help.

---------this is what they said-----------------------------------------------------------------

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System Analyzer is telling me there is a handle leak. What is a handle leak, and what can I do about it?


When you run System Analyzer, it may report a program has a handle leak. Common programs to report this are Microsoft Outlook (outlook.exe) and Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe).

A handle leak is a program bug that occurs when a computer program, such as Outlook, requests a connection to a resource on the computer, but does not release the connection when it has completed its task.

These are not infections and cannot be fixed by Webroot. The Analyzer is pointing them out because they can be a risk to the computer. There are only so many resources available on a machine and having a large amount of handle leaks can slow the computer down considerably.

To resolve this issue, we recommend you contact the technical support for the program reporting the leak. For example, if the leak was from Outlook or Internet Explorer, you would need to contact Microsoft Support.

Apologies but does this have something to do with Brave?

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i think he mean that the webroot system Analyzer report that brave has “Memory leaks” and “Handle leaks”

and the rest is what he get from the website when he tried to check what the meaning of memory leak and handle leaks mean

that is correct… it identifies (Brave.exe) as the source of leaks…

Got it – but I’d like to note that you didn’t use the word “Brave” at all in your report. Nor have you provided any of the requested information that we can use to help diagnose this.

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