I have 6 confirmed downloads but payout is 0

i have 6 confirmed downloads for about 2 months ago, but my paid BAT is zero. also payout is zero. any one to help me?

Hello Guys we don’t worry you check your uphold Connecting to your brave Account Thank you

pls confirm if your uphold account is verified ?
is it linked to publisher account ?
If Yes. then there is link in publisher account “Download Statement”. open in computer and download it. in this statement you can check your refferals. if there are any !

my uphold is connected and verified. but my payout is zero! they must pay my referals on 8th of this month but they did not.

yes. uphold is connected and last confrimation is for 06.30.2019. please check below images
i want to admins check this problem please
@thetokenmaster @Asad

hello yeah we don’t worry I got time in 90 days you will receive that soon possible don’t worry

yes but it must shown on payouts section. please check payouts. it is zero, it means that there is a problem. admins must check this issue. @Asad kindly please help

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