I have 3 questions regarding Brave Rewards, Brave for Android and Referrals

My questions are-

  1. I am from Bangladesh and in my country we don’t receive any ads from brave. So, can we earn BAT just by using the browser on a regular basis without receiving the ads or referring other people?

  2. To get a confirmed referral, do the referred people need to just keep the browser installed for 1 month or do they need to use it daily as well? Also, do they need to confirm the uphold or register as a publisher for me to receive the referral rewards?

  3. Is it possible to earn and withdraw BAT from Brave Browser for Android?

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No. You not get BAT by simply using Brave. You need to opt-in to Brave Ads. If your country is not supported, then you can wait until it’s supported. The team is working as fast as possible to add support for more regions.

They need to use it. Because you referring a “user”.

No. They don’t need to create an Uphold account or become a publisher.

Withdrawal functionality is not available for mobile yet. Will be added in the future.


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Thank you so much for the information!

Do the referrals who are using Brave on their mobile phones count?

Yes. Referral is works for all platforms except Linux.

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