I have 3 confirmed and I haven't received any payment since 3 months

Yes, I had received brave payments since January but it quite as 3 months ago that I stop receiving referal rewards Idk why. If I have them confirmed. Please help me ASAP, thx

Hi @jonerzc,

Thanks for reaching out! Did the 3 confirmed referrals happen within the last month?

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I never received any payment not even support will respond should not have to do this do you ppl that work at brave have to chase your paycheck ? Says my payment suspended for nothing everything is good on my end. This is how they make more money because ppl give up and they are already paid for adds .

No, sir. Those referals were before that the last month

welcome to the club I didnt get a penny not only that no response from support what so ever looking like a class action coming soon going to contact attorney tomorrow im sick of this wanna be business wasting my time.

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