I had to uninstall in windows 10, awfully slow

I had to uninstall brave in windows 10, browsing became awfully slow in absolutely all browsers. After uninstall, now browsing still is awfully slow and some important sites like google or gmail wont load at all and i have to keep resetting the wifi connection. I noticed that there is a dns client in task manager that when i start having the issue is taking more than 90% of cpu usage. I even reinstalled windows 10 and fhe issue persists. I pretty sure this is related with brave’s ad content blocking technology, but I think its completely broken as it prevents the normal browsing of known tracking sites. Please tell me how am I supposed to use this browser to make money if it prevents me to normally browse the internet?

I would suggest you to switch to linux or windows 7(probably you can start by dual booting it with your existing windows 10).Since it looks like windows 10 may not be the best operating system for your hardware.

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