I had to reinstall Brave and when I did so, I lost all of my Bookmarks, saved passwords and the 22.5 Bat I've accumulated. They have to have a way to look it up

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Someone else accidentally deletes Brave App
2.My kid deletes it so he can download Call Of Duty.
3.My phone falls to the bottom of a deep and dark lake.

Expected result:
Brave Help Support restores my account.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details Samsung AO1

Additional Information:
This really is a bummer, I really enjoy the Brave app but after this happening, I have half a mind to delete the app. Please make this right by at least giving me my 22.5 BAt. Thankyou


If your brave walet was verifed with uphold, then your bat is still there… unfortunately you won’t be able to verify your wallet again with uphold until you collect 25 bat to the new brave instance’s wallet on your android… when you do though, that 25 bat will add to whatever the uphold’s toal was…

As far as bookmarks and passwords, if you use another brave instance, like for your desktop, you can try to use brave’s sync chain functionality… in your other brave instance, just have that start a sync chain, then use the android brave to view the qr synce code… I myself can’t vouche for the sync as due to earlier wonky behavior with this code I used 3rd party stuff for passwords, lastpass, and bookmarks, eversync extension…

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