I had a wallet connected to my Brave Rewards, but that connection disappeared

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Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.52.130

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I had a coinbase wallet that has been connected to my Brave Rewards account for years, ever since I first signed up for the Brave Rewards system and had well over $100 CAD of crypto accumulated there. At the time I’d signed up, I thin Coinbase was the only integration option available to me, but now that connection is gone, and my account there seems like it was linked to my Brave Rewards account as both had had the same login credentials (not my choice, but how the system was set up at the time).

Recently, I noticed I’d been logged out of my Brave Rewards account, and logged back in, only to find Brave Rewards behaving like I have no wallets connected to it, when I clearly do, my Coinbase Wallet.

Additional info (may be an issue I have to take up with coinbase themselves): I tried loggin in directly to Coinbase but their system suddenly stopped recognizing my email address as valid.

UPDATE: I was able to scour my email records and found out my wallet was always in Uphold for Brave Rewards. But that makes my inquiry all the more urgent, where did all my cripto stored in my Uphold wallet go? Where is my wallet?

Brave rewards can now only be connected to Uphold or Gemini. You will have to make an account on Uphold if you’re not from the US. If you are from US, you can create one on Uphold and Gemini both.

More info about supported regions at

I already have an account. Check the edit I made under “UPDATE” - this account WAS already connected to Brave Rewards, but it randomly disappeared recently and I’m trying to find out why. I can’t find any links to Uphold anywhere, so I can log in and see what’s going on from that end.

EDIT: and some help on what’s needed to find and reconnect my existing wallet. As I already said above, I’ve got well over $100 CAD in there last I checked and can’t afford to lose that much money over a technical glitch not even of my own doing.

You can go to uphold at

It does log out from Brave rewards every 90 days or so to keep things secure.
If you have the email, you can simply visit uphold page and do a forget password if you don’t remember the password.

That solved a huge part of the mystery! At least I have my wallet back, funds intact. Thank you so much.

No problem. Glad that I could help.
You able to connect to rewards yet ?

OK, still having the issue of re-connecting my Uphold Wallet to Brave Rewards. The system’s asking me for a “Seed Phrase” but I’ve never set one up to my knowledge, nor can I find anywhere within the Brave Rewards Settings to set one up, nor am I seeing anywhere to set up or review that in my Uphold account. So where is this setting located?

Seed phrase?
Thats brave wallet.
You need to enter ‘brave://rewards’ in the URL bar.

Not yet, see other reply for details.

What do you mean ?
could share screenshot ? could help understand more

Been there several times, don’t see anything I can click on or anything to do with a seed phrase on there anywhere, other then a rather ominous looking “Reset” button that does not give me any indication of what exactly it resets.

You don’t need a seed phrase for Brave rewards. You are actually mistaking Brave wallet ( which is totally different than rewards) for brave rewards.

“What do you mean ?
could share screenshot ? could help understand more”

Refresh issue. When I posted that, I couldn’t see your next reply.

Could you share a screenshot of where it asks you a seed phrase ?

Go to brave://rewards

You’ll get a similar screen.
Then press on the connect button like its showing on mine.

Dude. I have an Uphold account that I’m TRYING to connect to Brave Rewards. You’re giving my conflicting info now.

I need a “Seed Phrase” to connect ANYTHING to my Brave wallet, and I need to connect Brave back with my Uphold Account so I can receive my BAT rewards to the wallet I already have. I’ve explained all this several times now. I don’t know in what other way to say it to make it more clear.

I’m being asked for something I can’t supply to make a connection I already made, because I’ve never been asked to set it up before and have no idea what it is or where it is.

I know. You are confusing “BRAVE WALLET” with 'BRAVE REWARDS" .

you are simply going to the wrong place man. Go to brave://rewards
enter that in your URL, you’ll be able to connect to Uphold. Just listen to me