I got paid lesser than what i was supposed to get

I downloaded Brave browser a month ago and my payment date was Aug 6th.I got paid 1.5092BAT but at the same time in my rewards tab it shows close 5.950 BAT(of which some where credited to me after my payment date).But as far as i know my account had close to 5BAT as of Aug 6th.I was just wondering why i got paid less.Or is there something that i should be aware of. Please do help

Here is a screenshot of my rewards tab

For August 5th payout, you only get paid for BAT received in July 1st-31st. While rewards estimation is showing the balance from July 1st until today.

I got 1.6 out of 12 that did happen before the Aug 5th deadline on my laptop.

Had about 23 between all browsers but only received about half.

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