I got a filthy ad on YouTube video

Got an ad on YouTube

I really don’t know, sorry.

For the most part


I don’t use trash chrome

1.27.1/ just realized there’s an update, but I’m posting just in case.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I believe this may have to do with some cosmetic filtering adjustments we recently pushed. If so, the team already has a patch on the way that will hopefully fix the issue. Reaching out to the team now to confirm.

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Same here, despite “Trackers and ads blocked” being set to aggressive. It started about two days ago. I clear my cache and delete cookies everyday and have tried refreshing, but the ads still play. I’m running on the latest version of Brave and the latest version of Mac OSX Mojave.

If you’re seeing youtube ads, try clearing brave://net-internals/#dns, then refresh the youtube page @CatMama1975 @Busted741

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