I forgot my security key pin, should I reset it

Hello, when i want to connect to some application through keycloak after configure security key registration.

I get ask a security pin when using my yubikey when i try authenticate with a security key, but using the PIN set on the yubikey is not working because Brave manage pin in the setting of the browser.

So you get the error message “The security key is locked because the wrong PIN was entered too many times. You’ll need to reset the security key.”

To avoid this you need to go in the Brave settings :

Privacy & Security > Create a Pin > Define your pin code.

If you security key is locked you need to reset via the option Reset your security key

After that you can authenticate with you yubikey.

It’s a post for replying to this post who don’t provide the solution lol .I forgot my security key pin, should I reset it?

Hope this help :slight_smile: